XO-Laptop (OLPC – One Laptop per Child)


Developed to be used primarily by children in the developing world OLPC aims to sell the laptop for $100,-- or less. It has already been tested in many countries.

Uruguay is the first country that placed an order for 100.000 machines for a large scale education and communication project known as “Ceibal”.


To ensure the laptop is robust and can be maintained as easily as possible it omits all moving parts. There is no hard drive, CD or DVD drive and no cooling fans (low power processor).

The laptop has 1GB of flash memory, similar to that used in digital cameras. The memory can be expanded (Memory card slot or peripheral devices through the USB parts).

The processor is energy efficient, though rather slow (speed of just 433 Mhz). WiFi-Adapter and – new – WiMAX.

The laptop has a low power dual-mode display designed for use in outdoor classrooms. The full-colour-mode is similar to other LCD, an ultra low-power-mode (black and white) makes the screen readable in direct sunlight.

A still and motion capture camera, situated on the right hand side of the screen allows video chat across the internet. A microphone input and a line output allows playing music through external speakers and recording sounds.


The laptop has a Linux operating system (OS), open source free software, including standard programs. Web browser based on Firefox, PDF reader and media player as well as a word processor able to handle most common document types.

A sealed rubber keyboard is waterproof and designed for a child´s hands. Standard layout is QWERTY. Various configurations for different languages such as Spanish, Arabic, Urdu, Thai and others are possible.

Plastic Case

The entire package is about half the weight and size of a standard laptop. It is waterproof and dustproof.




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